Do you ever feel alone?

Mental Health

Do you ever feel alone?

Me too.

It’s that deep feeling of disconnect.

Like your whole world exists within your own head.

You want to curl up in a ball under the covers and cry. Or numb out.

But most of us just keep pushing forward. Head down, grind forward, we’ll get through it.

But if we all feel lonely sometimes, why are we so scared to admit it?

Maybe because admitting loneliness feels like admitting weakness. A failure to stand on your own.

If you’re lonely, something’s really wrong…right?

Maybe not.

What if we took the power out of being lonely?

What if, instead of fearing loneliness & hiding it in a suitcase under our beds, we pulled it out, brushed it off and hung it up proudly in our closets?

I’ve always been afraid to admit when I was feeling lonely. It seemed so unrealistic.

But when you pull that loneliness out of the dark, shake the dust off of it and say “Hey I see you and I respect you,” that loneliness becomes lot more tangible.

When you can see what you’re dealing with, give it a name and call it out, it becomes a hell of a lot less powerful.

Then you can make a plan:

I know if I’m feeling lonely, it takes 1 text to a friend to feel 1% better.

An hour spent reading a mystery novel—+8%

An honest conversation with my husband —+10%

10 minutes petting Cooper—20% (he’s magic)

These are some of my tools. Not to fight loneliness, but to hear it. To recognize it, and help myself through it.

Imagine trying to wrangle a scared cat in a pitch black room. You may be able to do it, but you’ll come out looking like hell.

That’s what it’s like wrangling loneliness in the dark.

If you can’t see your opponent, you can’t plan your strategy. You’re fumbling around trying to grab onto anything you can.

So turn on the lights. Loneliness doesn’t have to be so scary.

Saying “I’m really lonely” doesn’t need to hold so much negative power.

We are all humans. Literally built in tribes.

Loneliness is part of our experience.

So next time you’re feeling lost and alone, recognize it. Say it’s name. Honor it.

Then turn on the light and find your tools. We’ve got this.

Kristen LaFrance

Head of community at Churn Buster, host of the Playing for Keeps podcast, and (unofficial) mayor of DTC Twitter, Kristen is an expert on all things retention. When she’s not interviewing leaders in the eCommerce world, you can catch her hiking 14-ers with her three rescue dogs.

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