DTC Email Review: September 2019

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My name is Kristen LaFrance and I may have an addiction to eCommerce emails. I spent my labor day weekend cleaning my house and hoarding DTC emails…. It’s normal.

Here's where this gets unique:

I’m looking and analyzing these from the lens of retention-based acquisition. i.e. IF I were to make a purchase after these emails, would I return?

For the most part, I’ve been impressed. Let's dig in:

1. Felix Gray's Social Engagement

Spoiler: I’m a super happy customer and big fan.

Check out this email from Felix Gray:

Kudos for really good customer engagement “now let’s see you rock your Felix Grays!”

Bigger kudos for featuring actual customers (Maybe they will actually repost me!).

The zinger: It’s not a product email. It’s purely engagement. CTA? Go to Instagram and join our community.

2. Blume's Product Email

I’m so in love with this brand, that I'm going to highlight two of their emails today.

First, take a look at this product email (I know, I know, I just gave kudos to Felix Gray for NOT having a product email… but this is too good to ignore).

This isn’t JUST a product email, it goes so much further.

  • Great branding
  • Education on the how
  • How to get the MOST out of the product
  • Easy and clear CTA
  • Where to go with questions (you can text them!!)

One of the best product emails I’ve ever seen.

3. Blume's Newsletter

Speaking of being more than your products…. Blume’s newsletter is on point.

Imagery is on brand, welcoming and inclusive (which is very important for female oriented brands).

They're offering relatable and important content to their target audience. And it’s not all their content (this shows their dedication to provide the customer with more).

I absolutely love the "favorite love note of the month".

But where they really shine is in this simple fact: No. Product. Mentioned.

4. Who Gives a Crap's Welcome

This is hands down the best welcome email I’ve seen to date. Trophy goes to the team at Who Gives a Crap.

Take a look:

This is so unique. I love the plain text, personalized email. It feels like Megan really did just email me. And a dog doing a trust fall?! Named Watson?

I’m feeling connected….

(p.s. I already follow Watson and his brother on Instagram and you should too)

There is no hard sell in this email. Actually, do you have a question comes BEFORE here’s where you can order.

Authentic. Approachable. Just like the brand.

Lastly, they actually do send you to Youtube to watch the video. Not to their site. I like this alot

5. Ugly Drink's Welcome (meh)

Let's compare that to Ugly Drinks welcome email (which in general, I do like but am gonna be nit-picky today).


  • The branding is incredible.
  • Copy is welcoming and inviting.
  • Second CTA is to engage further.
  • Imagery is on point.

The difference in the two emails, though, comes down to product placement. Who Gives a Crap seems to know it’s gonna take some warming up to convince someone to buy their product.

Ugly, on the other hand, goes straight for the sale. Product first.

It kinda works, kinda doesn’t.

“Flavored sparkling water delivered to your door” doesn’t quite convince me (I already buy LaCroix at the grocery store once a week while I’m there).

I’d challenge Ugly to dig deeper.

What other value can you hit on (that’s deeper than convenience). What makes you different? Why should I change my habits?

6. MeUndies Product Release

Last one. If you thought I’d get through a whole email review without including MeUndies, you'll learn soon. I really love these guys.

On September 3rd 2019, MeUndies officially released their extended sizing (XS-4XL). The authenticity, the humanity, the inclusivity in this email is just marvelous:

MeUndies thrives on their mission. And they hit on it again and again and again.

I think that email speaks for itself, so I won’t even dig in.

We’re humans selling products to help other humans succeed. Remember that and hone in on it.

Final thoughts:

From the first point of contact you have with a potential customer, you should be thinking retention. How can I get this customer to connect so it’s not JUST a sale… it’s the start of a relationship.

Kristen LaFrance

Head of community at Churn Buster, host of the Playing for Keeps podcast, and (unofficial) mayor of DTC Twitter, Kristen is an expert on all things retention. When she’s not interviewing leaders in the eCommerce world, you can catch her hiking 14-ers with her three rescue dogs.

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